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I want the canonical copy of my iPhoto library in the cloud. One iPhoto library in the cloud, many devices with access to it. I want to edit, organise and delete photos on any device and see the same changes on all other devices.

Great post from Peter Nixey detailing what he wants in iCloud/iPhoto.

I’m really with him on what’s missing and what’s needed.

And yes, Apple: I’ll pay for this.

Macworld: How to beam photos in iPhoto for iOS

A useful and quick tutorial.

"Using the Beaming feature, users can wirelessly share edited photos across devices without iCloud, Dropbox, or other cloud-based services. Instead, Beaming uses a shared Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to allow users to share photos between devices with the iPhoto app installed."

Like its counterparts GarageBand and iMovie, iPhoto for iOS redefines what it means to be a mobile or tablet app by deftly combining the best elements of the desktop with iOS.

From a hands-on review from Mashable.

Read all about iPhoto for iPhone and iPod at Mashable.

Macworld provides details on iPhoto for iPhone and iPad

Well, I’ve downloaded iPhoto to my iPhone, but I haven’t tried it yet. In the meantime, Macworld’s got an article with details on the $4.99 app. One tip: Be sure you update to iOS 5.1 before you try to buy/download iPhoto.

Here’s some of what Macworld’s got to say:

  • "iPhoto for iOS also sports dozens of effects to give images a specific look. Effects include black-and-white, vintage, aura, gradient, tilt shift, and water color. The app uses a swatch book that fans out to show you the effects, with variations appearing as you slide your finger along a specific effect’s strip in the swatch book.”
  • "A Photo Journals feature takes a selected group of photos and automatically creates a journal out of them. Users can make adjustments to how photos are sized and placed. You’ll be able to share journals on your iOS device or publish them to a Web page via iCloud.”

I’m really looking forward to trying out that Journals feature.

Learn more at Macworld.

iPhoto for iOS delivers iPhoneography tools for the iPad and iPhone

Well, that’s the way it looks, from the coverage of today’s event about the new iPad. It seems the iOS version of iPhoto has features for tilt-shift effects, watercolor effects, vignetting, and so forth.

There’s also a Journals feature for sharing a set of photos.

And yes, it’s a universal app.