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David Guttenfelder is TIME’s pick for Instagram photographer of the year. The veteran photojournalist is a seven-time World Press Photo award-winner. He has traveled the world for the Associated Press, covering wars, elections and natural disasters in over 75 countries. But in 2013, Guttenfelder, the AP’s chief Asia photographer, won over a new audience after he became one of the first foreign photographers to be granted the ability to work in North Korea. And he featured some of his most striking, intimate pictures from the Hermit Kingdom on Instagram.

From Time’s announcement naming Guttenfelder as Instagram photographer of the year.

Instagram film crowdsourced from 852 different users/photos

Really creative use of Instagram

Instagram Blog: Introducing Instagram Web Embeds


Today, we’re excited to introduce web embedding for Instagram content and bring you an easy way to add Instagram photos and videos to the stories you want to tell.

Now, when you visit an Instagram photo or video page on your desktop web browser, you’ll see a new share button on the right side of…

Video: Instagram is…

From the documentary website at instagramis.com: “In a culture immersed in technology, Instagram is reviving adventure, face to face community & real relationships. How can something so digital get people out from behind their devices and into the analog world?”

Flickr feels like a permanent home. While sharing is great, it turns out that as we progress in our digital lives, as we take more and more photos and share them more and more places, we eventually want to go back and see them again. (Which explains the popularity of services like TimeHop.) We want to revisit them. We want to relive them.

Mat Honan, writing about Flickr.

Great take on Flickr and how it’s made something of a comeback, especially as Instagram and Facebook have problems.

The Color of…

Interesting, conceptual app: “Find The Color Of anything by overlapping images from Instagram. Search by hashtag, location or username to generate a representative picture. Exclude any images which are not relevant.”

Twitter introduces photo filters

Competition for Instagram.

The Boston Globe has a wall displaying every Instagram picture posted in the local area and is using it as a source for stories – such as to discover the sharing of photos by some people in Boston of their daytime drinking during a day off post-Hurricane Sandy.

From a story about how the Boston Globe is using Instagram to help its journalism.

Great Tumblr blog: Rich Kids of Instagram
You’ve really got to check it out:

Let’s go. #tbt #yacht by raphaelzacharycattan 

Great Tumblr blog: Rich Kids of Instagram

You’ve really got to check it out:

Let’s go. #tbt #yacht by raphaelzacharycattan