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I want the canonical copy of my iPhoto library in the cloud. One iPhoto library in the cloud, many devices with access to it. I want to edit, organise and delete photos on any device and see the same changes on all other devices.

Great post from Peter Nixey detailing what he wants in iCloud/iPhoto.

I’m really with him on what’s missing and what’s needed.

And yes, Apple: I’ll pay for this.

Will iCloud soon have “shades of Instagram”?

That’s how the LA Times put it, citing reports about changes to iCloud expected in June. The changes would make it possible “to share and comment on photos and not just sync them on their own devices,” the report says.

"This upgrade sounds as if it would blend a little of the social element that is part of Instagram’s magic with the previous functionality of iCloud’s troubled predecessor, MobileMe," The LA Times writes. "The now-defunct service did allow subscribers to create, upload and share galleries of both video and still photos through an app and online."

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