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Decim8: 100 Photo Apps, Day 43

What I like: Destroy your photos. The good ones, the bad ones, whatever. Decim8 lets you do this, and create weird-looking photographic art constructions for your viewing pleasure (or maybe to combine with other apps). It’s awesome, especially because you get to choose from various photo-destroying effects.

From the app maker:

FILM IS DEAD … And yet many camera apps still insist upon attempting simulations of that long-past era. We say no to artificial nostalgia, pushing forward in the digital realm with different forms of creative destruction. With that in mind we present Decim8, a digital tool for photographic destruction. Armed with a set of bit-mangling filters, evolve your pictures into strange and sublime artifacts bordering on chaos. There are no effects to simulate your grandpa’s snapshots. No virtual replicas of plastic instant-cams from your imaginary summer of ‘73. Just mad combinations of digital data-mashing. That’s how we roll. Features: Arrange/Activate effects in any order. Effects never exactly the same twice. Full size photo output. Effect images in photo library. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

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Resources for Decim8

Buy: $0.99 at the App Store
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